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Metodicko-pedagogické centrum

Ševčenkova 11, 850 05 Bratislava

tel.: +421 2 2120 1100

e-mail: english.go@mpc-edu.sk

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Metodicko-pedagogické centrum

Ševčenkova 11, 850 05 Bratislava


About EnglishGo

English is the preferred maturita language and is key for the placement of graduates in the job market.

The goal of offering the EnglishGo materials is to support the improvement in the quality of English language teaching in middle and high schools across the country.

Prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with MPC.

Benefits for teachers

  • Gift for timely license activation
  • Voluntary training
  • Visits by native speakers in schools
  • Demo lessons from experts from EnglishGo
  • Stay in the United Kingdom in cooperation with the British Council